2.27.11- Silverpoint Drawing of a Canon 7D

Silverpoint on Homemade Gessoed Arches Cold Press Paper


My professor and mentor, Rick Rodrigues, made a silver point pen for me so I’ve been trying it out. Basically, it’s a pure silver wire sharpened to a point in a wooden holder. Silverpoint is a precursor to the graphite pencil, which the old masters used to do fine point drawings that don’t smudge.  When etched into a paper coated with five layers of gesso, the silver rubs off which manifests into an intricate, sensitive drawing. Drawings in silverpoint take flippin’ FOREVER (this took me like, 6 hours) but the effects turn out to be pretty amazing. Also, after a some time, the silver oxides so it’ll start to fade and change colors. How rad is that?! 


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