2.18.11 – Aztec Drum Comes to Life

Watercolor and Ink on Poster Board


Carlos showed me some of his work from back in the day… and there was one of a Aztec drum he did when he was fifteen years old.  With his permission, I decided to throw some watercolor on it. It’ll probably take a few days to finish, but so far so good. 


2.17.2011 – Arm and Leg Study

Ink on Paper


It’s weird switching between watercolor and drawing. One requires time and precision, the other looks best with lots of confidence and happy accidents.  Both require lots of concentration, planning, and sobriety. What happened to being able to paint drunk? 

2.16.2011 – Hanging Out in Cemeteries is Normal, Right?

Watercolor on Paper


Cemetaries are great on sunny days, they’re peaceful, pensive, and beautiful. 

2.15.2011 – More Brush Painting

Chinese Watercolor on Rice Paper


Practicing some more brush painting, which seems to be very popular. Definitely understand the appeal in the medium, it’s mostly about control and discipline vs. any semblance of originality. Good for practicing on a rainy, tired day. 

2.14.11 – Trying Out Brush Painting on Valentine’s Day.

Chinese Watercolors on Rice Paper


Attempting to paint some flowers for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 Happy V-Day, Y’all.

2.13.2011- Shiao Long Bao


Watercolor on Paper

2.11.2011 – Eh.

Acrylic Ink and Ink on Rag Paper


Eh, more “Calligraphy” for my piece. I clearly need more practice.