3.11.2011 – Babies on the Brain

 Sepia Calligraphy Ink on Aquabee Paper


This morning, I went to the hospital to see my sister who just had my second niece yesterday, and it got me thinking about babies in the womb. Totally crazy that at that time yesterday, the baby I was holding was literally inside of my sister- which is clearly not a new concept, but blew my mind anyway.

Anyway, I’m in LA and have access to limited materials. I also left my walnut ink at home, because I have a 10 oz bottle that wouldn’t have passed the security checkpoint at the airport, so I found some old sepia calligraphy ink to do this piece. Turned out okay, but I don’t think I ever want to use it if I don’t have to. I learned a lot about the ink’s properties (it’s inconsistent), but the whole process was frustating to say the least.

Enough of that. Welcome to the world, Baby Emma!


2 Comments on “3.11.2011 – Babies on the Brain”

  1. miyoko says:

    WOW !! Powerful one !

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Miyoko! I liked how this one turned out, even though I know nothing about pen and ink. Gonna start learning!

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