3.20.11 – More Experimentin’

Chinese Ink, Watercolor, Cornstarch, and Bronze Powder on Paper


Battling a mystery stomach bug for the past 2 days, by sleeping about 23 hours, thus rendering me useless.  Read a bit out of my “Exploring Watercolor” library book about techniques in color, but decided I’d rather play with Ivory Black and Chinese Ink instead.  Didn’t love it, but at least I know how to scrub out the blue/black to create texture.


3 Comments on “3.20.11 – More Experimentin’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    is that a crazy mechanical spider in the lower left? 🙂

  2. miyoko says:

    POWER ! water , sky are breathtaking !

  3. miyoko says:

    Breathtaking !!

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