Cuttlefish, Completed.

Watercolor on Paper


Finally finished Jacob’s piece this week, and I’m happy with how it turned out. This was a big piece (by watercolor standards), measuring about 14″ by 14″. Really excited about this one, and learned a lot about cuttlefish. 🙂 Thanks Jacob, hope your wife loves it!

Art Can Be Dangerous.


Let’s count the ways this piece has given me stress:

1. Original stencil destroyed  2. Mirror out of stock 3. Cracked 1st mirror 4. Neighbor moved 2nd mirror while watering the plants. Chipped corner of 2nd mirror. *Sigh*

Sorry Chris. 


Cuttlefish, Part Two (Last Update)



Played with color variations all night to decide on a combination of New Gamboge, Yellow Ochre, Brown Madder, Alizarin Crimson and Indian Red. I know everyone loves seeing the process updates, but I think this will be the last update I’ll make before I’m done. All this updating of the process makes me feel entirely too vulnerable, but I’m open to critique- as always. Fire away, folks.

Cuttlefish, Part One

Watercolor and Masking Fluid


Painted in the background and added texture. More to come.

Masking the Cuttlefish

Colorless Masking Fluid


Did another sketch and did the outlines on the piece. First up, colorless masking fluid!