Today, I Quit My Job at Google to Pursue Art.



March 9th, 2012 

Subject: Final Thoughts from a Proud Googler.

Title: If you’re seeing this email, you’ve inspired me. 

Yes, you. You, because you are incredibly capable, fabulously intelligent, generous, and amazing.  I truly, honestly mean that.  Without you, I wouldn’t have been here for 2,257 days.  Without you, I wouldn’t have survived the perfs, the OKRs, the approval bin, DART, the all-hands, the endless corporate buzzwords, and all the crazy acronyms. 

Without you, there would be no HR disaster lunches, no laughing hysterically over bad puns, no punch and pies, and no fun times at happy hours and at off-sites. You were the reason for it all. You are the reason I will leave here knowing that I will never feel this way about a job again. With that said, is there anywhere to go but “Up and to the Right?” I know that now that I have had the honor of working with the absolute best, it’s my time to get better.

Tomorrow, March 9th, I will be moving on from Google and finally working toward something I’ve been meaning to do for as long as I can remember: I will be focusing on my Art. It’s a different path, and an uncertain one- but your inspiration, support, and friendship has allowed me to find my own passion and work toward something I hope to be even more proud of. I’ve promised to push and challenge myself with the same intensity, passion, brilliance, and energy that I’ve had the honor of being a part of here. 

That said, I hope this isn’t Goodbye- I’m really bad at those. It’ll just be a migration to the other side of your computer screen. Email me or add on Facebook so we can continue to celebrate and be crazy together. You’ll have lots of celebrate- I guarantee it, and I hope I will still be a part of it. 

Thanks for everything, my friends. You’ve all made an indelible impression on me. 

All My Love and Respect,



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