My First Juried Show!

Conventional wisdom says that, to be considered a “serious” artist- you need to put yourself out there and enter your work into some juried shows. So, despite its impracticality of costs and effort, I went ahead and submitted my work to the CCSF annual show.

Well, I got in! Today was the opening reception, even though the pieces have been up for a week or two now. I guess they had to choose the most convenient time for unemployed artists and teachers’ lunch breaks, but the most inopportune time for anyone else— ever. So I took some pictures of some of the pieces for my lovely friends and family who have been SO incredibly supportive and awesome through my transformation to “serious” Artisthood.

Upon entering, there were three really impressive pieces. One that was called “Urban Dating” which featured a pig’s head on a woman’s body, holding a guinea pig. Not sure what the commentary was, but it was strikingly askew and well-framed.


In the entrance was John Wehrle’s Bio and his method in curating the show. Apparently, there had been close to 100 submissions and about 30 were chosen. He mentioned that he leaned toward paintings and two-dimensional work, and a solid grasp on technique as well as a unique concept. Must have been a tough process, there were some great pieces there.


There were a good number of people milling about, I’d say about 30-40 people at any given time. Pretty impressive, for a Monday afternoon opening reception.


John Wehrle is the tall gentleman in the hat, with paint drippings all over his white shoes. 🙂 (Love that!)


I was blown away by this watercolor by Evelyne Picard. She was there, and gave me her card and told me to “like” her page on Facebook. It took me aback somewhat, but I appreciate that artists are understanding the power of social media these days. Which reminds me, I need to get some cards made…

Image is her website! Why not promote the fellow artists?


My piece was in the corner upon entering from the main area. Looked nice over there!


Impressive photo-realist oil piece of an intersection at Excelsior.


It was a tiny gallery, probably about 15 x 15 sq ft of space. There were about 30 pieces total:


This one’s for the books! (And my Mom!) Thanks Adam Turner for coming by and taking this shot. And thank you, thank you for all of your support, friends. It’s really amazing to feel so much doubt and fear for pursuing something unknown, and at the same time, so much love and gratitude for everyone around me.


Love, Cindy


3 Comments on “My First Juried Show!”

  1. pitipua says:

    Excellent, Cindy! I did not know that is your piece! I like it a lot!

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