Shedding Expectations

I really believe that we don’t really change…we all come to be who we always have been. This one is part of my first series in a time of self-reflection and shedding of expectations. It’s finding the little kid in you that
dances as an ultimate “Fuck You” to a society full of false idols and unattainable expectations. 


Oh, and in case you’re worried, I actually haven’t been very dark and twisty these days. On the contrary, actually. You have to be in a good place in life to express the shittier parts. 🙂 


2 Comments on “Shedding Expectations”

  1. NIYOKO says:

    I love everything about her! So sweet and beautiful!

  2. eve skylar says:

    Agreed. Art is a return to yourself. yourself. Great insights! Love keeping up with your art adventures.

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