11.29.12 – Trying Out New Things

It’s not every day you get to be in a classroom setting with live figure models, but I’ve been priviledged to be in the studio with models for the past few weeks. I started out trying to paint realistically, making sure to mix accurate skin tones and do academic drafts beforehand. Then, I started playing with colors and more abstract composition, lines, and rhythms. I think I still like the realistic rendition better, but there are a few things in the abstract that I like. I still find that I love painting the human figure, and never cease to be amazed and inspired by it. 


Oil on Canvas Board

65-Minute Pose of Catherine


Oil on Canvas

90- Minute Pose of Karen

11.27.12 – Experimentin’

Oil on Canvas


90- Minute Pose

Invisible Cities

Graphite on Mylar 


When you have forded the river, when you have crossed the mountain pass, you suddently find before you the city of Moriana, its alabaster gates transparent in the sunlight, its coral columns supporting pediments encrusted with serpentine, its villas all of glass like aquariums where the shadows of dancing girls with silvery scales swim beneath the medusa-shaped chandeliers. If this is not your first journey, you already know that cities like this have an obverse: you have only to walk a semi-circle and you will come into view of Moriana’s hidden face, an expanse of rusting sheet metal, sackcloths, planks bristling with spikes, pipes black with soot, piles of tins, behind walls with fading signs, frames of staved-in straw chairs, ropes good only for hanging oneself from a rotten beam. From one part to the other, the city seems to continue, in perspective, multiplying its repretory of images: but instead it has no thickness, it consists only of a face and an obverse, like a sheet of paper, with a figure on either side, which can neither be seperated nor look at each other. ” –From Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino, 1972

11.20.12 – Doin’ Studies.

Oil on Canvas Board 


Here’s a 20-minute warm up pose I did today. Not bad. I’m pretty happy with it!

11.13.12 – 90-Minute Portrait of Karen

Oil on Canvas Board


After four shows, the Giants winning the World Series, and an eventful Halloween in October- I’m back in the studio, doing what I love the most: painting stuff. Here’s a pretty academic oil portrait of our awesome figure model, Karen. 

Guys! I had FOUR shows in October!

Yeah, wow…I totally killed it in October.  I wrote this big long blog post about how awesome it was, how much of a learning experience it was, and how absolutely exhausting it was, but WordPress decided to erase it. Maybe I should put more naked people in it next time.  🙂

Anyway, here were the shows (in no particular order):

  • “A Time to Reflect,” 33 Gough Gallery. Exhibition Dates: October 9th to November 27th, 2012
  • “From the Darkness Creeps,” Big Umbrella Studios. Opening: October 12th, 2012
  • “Provocations,” SF Raw at 1015 Folsom. Opening: October 25th, 2012
  • Student Exhibition at Fort Mason Building B, October 30th to November 14th, 2012

Thanks to everyone who made it out to see my work. I am so, so, incredibly grateful to have such amazing, supportive friends here with me throughout this crazy process. I just hope that I can continue to build on these small successes and just keep getting better.

Here are some photos from my shows this month:


I was a featured artist at SF Raw, “Provocations,” October 25th, 2012. That show was a blast! Check out my photos from the SF Raw “Provocations” Facebook Album. 


Solo Art Show. 33 Gough Art Gallery, “A Time to Reflect” October 9th – November 27th, 2012


Group Show. “From the Darkness Creeps,” at Big Umbrella Studios. Opening Reception October 12th, 2012

Here’s a write-up they did for me!

Student Exhibit, Fort Mason Building B. (My piece is on the bottom left)

Project: Post Art All Over San Francisco = Complete.