Border Line

I guess it’s officially Spring.

Recently, so many sad things have happened around me that makes me think that these days are just an intermission between two acts, a time of change. Last week, Miguel Angel Paez, a smiling, exuberant personality passed suddenly, and although I only knew him as Miguel from the gallery, I miss his presence every day at school, simply because he always seemed to have an endless supply of positivity (and a warm hug) to share with everyone around him.

In the recent weeks, I seemed to have found more sad news than happy on Facebook. It’s a chance to reflect.  In times like this, I find impossible for me to express my own thoughts and emotions through my own artwork, but I find solace in the Art of others. I found an old poem I’ve always loved by Langston Hughes, which describes perfectly how I feel at present:

Border Line

I used to wonder
About living and dying–
I think the difference lies
Between tears and crying.

I used to wonder
About here and there–
I think the distance
Is nowhere.

             –Langston Hughes