This One is Personal.

Oil on Canvas 


I’ve wanted to paint this image for a long time, I felt I had to. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe a painting is worth more. Who knows. All I know is that I’ve struggled to capture all the emotions I’ve felt in the past two years: the love, the loss, the hope to live up to expectations, followed by all its apologies– while struggling to let go of the ideal and embrace all its consequences. In this painting, I wanted to portray the grayness of reflection, the stillness of solitude, with a sense of hope depicted by a change in wind; the flutter and ephemeral nature of love. I’ve been told it’s haunting, surreal, and full of emotion. I just wanted it to be beautiful. 

9.18.12 – Someone Kill Me.

Yes, this is all brushwork with sumi-e ink on rice paper. Tiny little brushstrokes, and I’m not done yet. Color and wash to come…


Guess practice makes perfect.

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"Art is a harmony parallel with nature." ~Paul Cezanne

Graphite and Ink on Paper 


8.14.12 – Did a couple renditions of my ikebana arrangement, and this one came out okay. I’ve been trying out different techniques with sumi-e ink, rice paper, and bamboo pens, but it’s like trying to paint on toilet paper. Total mess. Gotta keep practicing. 

Book Cover Art for "The Ultimate Prophecy," by Jacqueline Kojikian


Carlos and I worked together this weekend to come up with a design for the author of The Ultimate Prophecy, Jacqueline Kojikian. Jacqueline is a good friend, a loving mother, successful lawyer, and now, a published writer. What can’t this woman do? Congrats Jacqueline!

Check out the Kindle version of the book here:…

A Sketch of Barley at 10 Weeks

Watercolor and Ink 


Sorry, more Barley pics. I gotta watch him so I might as well draw him, too. 🙂 Thanks for understanding.

A Pile O’ Rocks

From the sketchbook. Watercolor on Crappy Paper


I still hate plein air painting, but this one’s colors turned out great.

4.16.12 – Experiments in Figure Drawing

Watercolor Studies, Mixed Media

5- Minutes: Pen and Ink. Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green


10- Minutes: Brush and Ink. Indian Red, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, White Gouache


15- Minutes: Pen and Ink. White Gouache, Yellow Ochre, Indian Red, Burnt Umber, and Conte on Coffee and Ink stained paper


4.12.12 – Guess Who Had The Worst Angle

At figure drawing last night?


Watercolor and Ink on Bristol Board

Reflection, Imitation, and Experience

Watercolor and Charcoal on 140 lb Cold-Press Arches


By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. –-Confucius

3.26.12- Reflection.

Graphite, Charcoal, Conte, Watercolor and Gouache on 80 lb Hot Press Arches 


“It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us…on the inside, looking out.” 
??? Jonathan Safran Foer

This piece is deeply personal to me, and signals a change in my artistic direction. I’ve been thinking that lately, that empathy is a powerful thing, but it often makes it hard to tease yourself apart from the blame of others. The face you bring to the world is simply who you want others to be. The gaze, expectations, and memories you bring onto others, applies to back to you, and to all. 

My thoughts on this piece, and on things in general: